Dear Leader Tales – FAQ

Questions which have come up several times are addressed below:

Q: I sent my story to the email today and it failed?
A: The email address was only active from 7/1/2020 through 7/31/2020 submission period, and as of 8/1/2020 we are no longer accepting submissions for the project.

Q: When will we hear back on whether our stories were chosen?
A: We will notify all authors of their specific results no later than 8/21/2020.

Q: Can I submit work which is not theme related for Dear Leader Tales?
A: Yes, however it will not be considered for selection to Dear Leader Tales. Don’t waste your time (or ours) by sending in off-theme work.

Q: Why isn’t the email address working in the Call for Submissions?
A: It works if the webpage spaces are removed, emails are only valid without spaces. On our website we try to limit the number of email addresses scraped by bots, so a little indirection is used.

Q: I have two (or more) stories to submit, can I submit them all on one transmittal?
A: Please don’t. We are using the email subject line to easily sort through submissions, and it would be very easy to miss the extras. We welcome additional submissions however.

Q: Do I have to send a cover letter or explanatory text?
A: No, but it will be useful for us when it comes time to break deadlocks between two equally weighted stories. Do it once and reuse on other calls, those of us on this end will appreciate it!

We will update this page as questions are raised.