Feral Cat Publishers doesn’t actually publish feral cats, although one of our authors so self-identifies. We take a very independent view when it comes to the publishing dogma of what should be done and when. If a promotional activity cannot be linked to actual sales, we don’t throw new money in those directions, or waste an author’s time which could be better spent writing. We’ll try a lot of new things, but when they don’t work out, we don’t look back. People say, “But you have to do…” and our answer is “No, we don’t.”

We take the view that authors are being ripped off by some publishers charging for reviews, or even as a prerequisite to read an author’s work. We read fast and will never charge for our reviews. We ask authors to reciprocate occasionally with reviews for our new books, but do not require it. We plan to launch some webtools for authors soon, stay tuned!

Call for Submissions

The call for submissions is now closed. Editors are busy reading the many submittals and will select stories no later than October 16, 2018.

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Bubble Off Plumb – Formatting

Our Bubble Off Plumb anthology has completed the editing process and is being formatted for print. We are targeting availability no later than the end of December. Draft back cover text reads as follows (and will likely form the description for eBooks): “What do stories about ephemeral Martian settlers, fascinating dimensional rifts, Spanish-speaking hummingbirds, Loki’s …

BoP Selections Complete!

Short story selections for the Bubble Off Plumb anthology have been completed! We will be notifying authors no later than 10/16/2018. We selected 27 stories, of the 921 submitted. The response was hugely gratifying and we’re shifting gears to produce the final version for publication. The stories submitted were at a very high level of …

BoP Submissions Closed

Bubble Off Plumb story submissions were accepted through midnight September 30, 2018. Some initial metrics for the call are in hand, as follows. Authors submitted 921 stories, comprising more than 2.5 million words, which is a great response by any standard. Authors from more than 15 countries participated. 13 stories, so far, have been withdrawn …