Feral Cat Publishers doesn’t actually publish feral cats, although one of our authors so self-identifies. Nor do we retrieve feral cats who have made their home in the eaves of your house, so stop calling!

First of 2019, expect to see an opening of novel submissions for a contract we’re calling “Publisher-Lite”, as well as the kick-off of our free review service. More to come!

Pin the Tale on the Editor Contest

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Pin the Tale on the Editor Contest. Tied with 9 entries correct are authors Katherine Brown and Karin Murray-Bergquist. They each win $50, congratulations!

The answers are listed below:

Serpent, Wolf, and Half-Dead Thing: Dan
Barn Raising: Sarah
How Music Moves Us: Sarah
The Way It Was With Jonah: Dan
The Hole: Kathy
Who Listens to Hummingbirds?: Sarah
Grasshopper: Kathy
Dome Sweet Dome: Sarah
Alien Avenue: Sarah
Second Sun: Kathy
The Octopus of Bangkok: Kathy
Goodnight, Pretty Molly: Sarah
The Time Before Dreams: Dan
Carrion: Dan
Birds of a Feather: Sarah
The Prisoner: Kathy
A Steak and a Story: Kathy
Poker Night with Louie ..: Dan
Harold’s Not Imaginary Friend: Kathy
I am Bridget: Kathy
Cat and Mouse: Dan
Why the Louisiana Swamp Cat..: Sarah

Some telling personal data about the editors can be determined from the above, luckily that is the least of our concerns! Thanks for playing the game!


Martyrs al-Sabra Review

Reviewed by Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite “Martyrs al-Sabra by Dan M. Kalin is one of the best books I have ever read. What a remarkable thriller and what a talented writer! Let me begin by saying I usually avoid really long books, especially those involving politics and terrorism. So many of them spend copious amounts of …

Pin the Tale Contest Reminder

Our Pin the Tale on the Editor contest will accept entries through February 14, 2019. When ready to submit an entry, go here. Good luck to everyone and we look forward to announcing the astute winner’s name as well as the correct answers.

Karen Ovér

As a continuing promotion for our Bubble Off Plumb collection of short stories, we are posting another sample story from the book. This one is a Lovecraftish story by Karen Ovér, “Poker Night With Louie da Squid” A departure from the last story sampled but illustrates the breadth of genres; and obviously we liked it! Don’t …