Feral Cat Publishers is proud to announce a call for short stories or poetry submissions to be included within our upcoming Dear Leader Tales anthology. It will be published in September 2020, well in time to enjoy before the election. Pen your humorous or satirical take on the topic and get paid! Further details can be found here.

As an aside, Feral Cat Publishers doesn’t actually publish feral cats, although one of our authors so self-identifies. Nor do we retrieve feral cats who have made their home in the eaves of your house, so stop calling!


Dear Leader Tales – Anthology

Theme:  We’re looking for original fiction short stories and poetry in support of an election year theme “Dear Leader Tales” (DLT) anthology. We want stories of a humorous or satirical bent which illustrate or lampoon an emperor’s hubris (and lack of clothing). In that spirit, we don’t want any real life current or past Dear Leaders named directly, but their known foibles are fair game.

If you’re one of the oppressed, regardless of who’s in charge, this is your chance to deploy devastating humor, satire, wit, and sarcasm to bring them down a few notches. If nothing else, we can amuse ourselves in a trying time. Examples beyond the political include CEOs who constantly quote Sun Tzu or Machiavelli incorrectly, cats plotting to overthrow their human overlords, in short anywhere clueless oppressors operate.

Rules: The stories can range from 1,000 to 5,000 words. First world rights are preferred. Reprint rights will be accepted if the story is good enough. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable as well, provided prompt notice is given should the story be picked up elsewhere. Stories may exceed the 5K word count limit, if it merits, however the advances are limited to a maximum of $150 per story.

Schedule: Submission period is July 1, 2020 through July 31, 2020, after which no further submittals will be accepted.The email address for submissions will only be active during that period. We plan to release the anthology in mid-September 2020.

Team: The evaluation team will consist of fabulous guest author E.E. King and Feral Cat Publishers personnel who will shepherd the work to a polished end product.

Submission Process: All submissions should follow proper manuscript format. Email to Leaders @ feralcatpublishers.com. Subject line to read: “DLT-[Author Name],[Story Title], [Reprint or First]”. Please attach all submissions in .doc, .docx, or rtf formatted electronic files—No submissions embedded within the body of the email will be considered. Include a personal bio and relevant copyright information for your story in email cover letter.

Compensation: Selected short story authors will receive a one-time payment of $0.03/word of the final, edited version of their story. Selected poetry authors will receive a one-time payment of $25 per piece selected. All authors will also receive one paperback author’s copy and wholesale unit rates when purchasing extra paperbacks for resale. The authors of the three highest-ranked stories will be listed on the front cover; the remaining authors will be listed on the back cover.

Terms and Conditions: Standard contract terms example Feral_Author_Agreement_200614.

Questions: See FAQs or direct other questions to mmcnulty @ feralcatpublishers.com

Sign Up: To receive notices during the submission period or other announcements, complete the below form.

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Publisher-Lite Launches!

Feral Cat Publishing is now searching for two authors with worthy unpublished books. The successful authors will be offered a contract in our Publisher-Lite Program. We’re mostly looking for books in the science or fantasy fiction genres of 75K-100K words, but are open to others as long as they entertain. Click here to learn more!

Chasing Eleven

Chasing Eleven is a multi-genre collection of short stories by award-winning author Dan M. Kalin.

Stories Include:

    • Witch Simona thinks the president might be under an evil curse
    • Virgie can’t understand why doors are being closed in her face
    • People in the family die, after taking a road trip with Auntie Lu
    • Timothy has a frustrating life only cake can improve
    • Dave wants to visit long-lost cousins but receives strange signals
    • Lucas wants nothing more than to be a long-haul trucker (and serial killer) until a higher calling beckons
    • Even sorcerer Silver needs to settle into a new home
    • Frustrated author Leo searches for new ways to market his books
    • Brian finds new ways to finance elective surgical procedures
    • Linguist Annie Richardson discovers a puzzling artifact within all human minds
    • Breakfast and a tall tale with one of the last Oklahoma dust bowl refugees

Dan M. Kalin remains an author, recovering engineer/Mensan, inventor, and occasionally-retired management consultant living large in Melbourne, Florida.

Can also be ordered through any local bookseller.

Martyrs al-Sabra

“Martyrs al-Sabra”
is a 2019 Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal Winner in the Fiction – Thriller – Political genre!

Book One of the Martyrs Series is set after the Presidential Election in 2020, when the first woman is elected President; a new group of terrorists are targeting America and her administration. Led by a shadowy figure known only as “The Hammer of Islam”, they take their name from a 2006 massacre of Palestinian schoolchildren in Gaza City, the Martyrs al-Sabra. When the Martyrs make good on their attack threats, the country is torn apart.

Farid Monsour al-Haj is a Palestinian orphan who was adopted and raised from the age of five by one of America’s elite families. Growing up in Northern Virginia, Farid attends the finest schools and is a success in all he attempts. Throughout it all, Farid is encouraged to maintain his cultural identify by his adoptive parents, the Royces. He now works as a television news personality, helping explain the daily news from a Muslim point of view. Farid is increasingly torn between the demands of his Palestinian heritage and those who welcomed him into the mainstream of America.

Farid’s childhood friend, Justin Simons, is a FBI Special Agent assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force and leads the Martyrs manhunt.

Can a lifetime of friendship protect against divided loyalties?

It can be ordered in print from any bookstore, many listed here, including Amazon.

If there is a need for an ebook format other than Amazon, contact us to arrange for a bespoke version.