Feral Cat Publishers doesn’t actually publish feral cats, although one of our authors so self-identifies. We take a very independent view when it comes to the publishing dogma of what should be done and when. If a promotional activity cannot be linked to actual sales, we don’t throw new money in those directions, or waste an author’s time which could be better spent writing. We’ll try a lot of new things, but when they don’t work out, we don’t look back. People say, “But you have to do…” and our answer is “No, we don’t.”

First of 2019, expect to see an opening of novel submissions for a contract we’re calling “Publisher-Lite”, as well as the kick-off of our free review service. More to come!

Pin the Tale on the Editor Contest

Feral Cat Publishers announces a contest; a puzzle, a conundrum, for a participant to correctly determine which Balance Off Plumb stories were chosen by which editor. We’re calling it the “Pin the Tale on the Editor” contest.

There are three editors associated with the BoP end-stage; Kathy Finfrock, Sarah Kalin, and Dan Kalin. Separately we read and rated story submissions. Then we gathered to hold a “story draft”. Our process was to take turns selecting stories until we had the appropriate word count. Which stories in the book, written by someone other than the editor, were picked by which editor? There are 22 such stories by 21 authors.

Prize: $100 in an Amazon gift card or paid directly via Paypal. Paid to the person who gets closest to the correct lineup. In the event of a tie, the award will be shared. We will announce the scores afterwards along with the winning contestant(s).

Rules:  One entry per household, the first entry will be the one which counts, no multiple entries. Purchase of a Balance Off Plumb book is not required for participation. Contributing authors appearing in BoP are not eligible for the Prize, but may play for fun. Contest is open for submissions until 2/14/2019.

Entry: Complete the entry form here.

Useful Facts: The order of choice for each round was Kathy, Sarah, Dan. Each of the editors chose their own story for the first round. Dan chose his own stories as his first two picks (to paraphrase Mel Brooks, “.. it’s good to be the publisher!”). Twenty seven stories were originally chosen, one author fell out during contract negotiations. Some of the stories will be posted online between now and the final day. If you want to use a spreadsheet to track the choices, click here for download.

Smashwords Coupon: The book is available from a number of sources, however we have created a discount coupon code for use at Smashwords. Enter the code LM48C after adding the book to your shopping cart for a 70% discount, good for redemption through 1/29/2019.

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Karen Ovér

As a continuing promotion for our Bubble Off Plumb collection of short stories, we are posting another sample story from the book. This one is a Lovecraftish story by Karen Ovér, “Poker Night With Louie da Squid” A departure from the last story sampled but illustrates the breadth of genres; and obviously we liked it! Don’t …

Martyrs al-Sabra Release

We are pleased to announce the general availability of the ebook version of Martyrs al-Sabra this evening. Details about the plot can be found here, or at the marketplaces listed.   In addition it can be found at Smashwords, Kobo, Scribd, Apple, and others no later than 1/10/2019. Barnes & Noble  

Buzz Dixon

As part of the release promotion for our Bubble Off Plumb collection of short stories, we will periodically post sample stories from the book. We start off with a delightfully odd story by Buzz Dixon, “Barn Raising”. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Details for our “Pin the Tale on the …