Publisher Lite Service

Feral Cat Publishers has selected an author for our Publisher-Lite Program,  Will Isenberg.

We’re no longer accepting submissions for this program. We will announce if and when the program is reopened when appropriate.

Publisher Lite Program:

We call it Publisher-Lite because we’ve pared back the most wasteful segments of publishing expense in favor of a quality product. It allows authors without much money to produce a quality product.

We’ll pay for the following:

* Professional custom book covers for ebook, paperback, and hardback distributions
* Professional structural and copy editing
* Professional book interior formatting for print
* One round of paid literary reviews
* Ongoing participation in the Amazon KDP platform
* Print distribution within Amazon as well as separate world-wide availability through IngramSpark
* Ongoing hosting of product pages within our catalog, with links to your author site
* A small advance payment against future royalties, plus a 30% split of downstream profits once the contract expense reimbursement threshold is reached
* One free author’s copy in each format (ebook, paperback, hardback if applicable)
* Reduced cost print copies for author’s promotional activities

We don’t pay for:

* Advertising or promotion
* Advance Marketing
* Book signings or travel
* Book fairs and conventions


If this is something you might be interested in, complete the contact form referenced here. Please note you should provide a good well-written synopsis of your book on the form, because we will be using it to decide if we want to know more. Assuming we do, we’ll hold a telephone interview. If there is compatibility on both sides, we’ll then enter into contract negotiations.

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay