Author Book Reviews:

One of the services (free) FCP offers to authors are facilitated reviews. We’ll arrange for a reader who will, once finished reading, write a review on; the most useful reviews there are. The reader may post it elsewhere as well at their discretion.

Our firmly-held view is a review is not for the author’s benefit, but rather for potential readers. There are many paid services, who will generate literary reviews which the author can parse to sound good, some of which generate only 4 or 5 star ratings. If that is what you are looking for, give them a shout.

There are a few caveats: First, your book has to be ready-for-publishing or already published (first drafts won’t earn the review you want). Second, it must be something interesting, our reviewers are doing reviews for free and should be entertained while doing so. A mobi or ePub version will need to be provided. Finally, our reviewers use the FCP Review Standards.

Sign Up Process:

To start the process, please complete the sign-up form. It is important to include a synopsis of the book. If it piques the interest of one of our readers, it is added to the book review queue and we’ll arrange to get the ebook file. Free reviews (author provides ebook file) will be published on a first-in/first-out basis.

We’ll contact you via email to make the necessary arrangements.

Expedited Process:

As a publisher, we have a certain amount of funding set aside for promotion and marketing. We’re interested in selling our books and you as an author are interested in selling your book(s). Therefore, if you purchase an eligible book in our catalog from Amazon, we’ll fund the purchase of your book on Amazon (up to a price of $4.99) by the reviewer. Furthermore, your book will skip to the front of our review queue. We’ll need a screenshot (or forwarded copy) of Amazon’s receipt email to establish proof of purchase.

In both cases, the paid purchase will boost sales rankings for the books. In addition, when our reviewer posts their review it will be with a “verified purchase” flag. It would be great if a review is posted for our book, but it’s not required.

Back to the funding discussion, we lose a small amount of money on each transaction (Amazon’s cut of each sale). Therefore we limit the number of such reviews to 20 each month. If a month’s total is exceeded, the review would slide into the next month in the order received.


We’re offering this service for several reasons. We hope to promote our FCP Review Standards more widely, as it puts objectivity back into reviews. As readers and potential buyers ourselves, most online reviews aren’t useful when making a buying decision. We’re hoping to change that. In addition, there are no end to the number of paid services taking advantage of authors’ dreams and delivering marginal-to-no value. We can’t change that, but we can hopefully offer a better deal.

If you want to be considered as one of our reviewers, please contact us.

Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay