Review Results


Rating Distribution Average Rating


Title Author Rating
Where Weavers Daire R. K. Bentley 2.5
GEO Kevin Miller 3
Aliens and Ice Cream Michael James 3
Blood Prism E. E. King 5
Colt Harper: Esteemed Vampire Cat Tyrolin Puxty 5
Dawn of Days D. P. Conway 3.5
Devour the Stars R. Coots 3.5
Dirk Quigby’s Guide to the Afterlife E. E. King 4
Electric Detective E. E. King 5
Fable Various Authors 5
Going Up: Tales from Temple & Co Art Weil 5
Grumpy Old Gods, Vol 2 Various Authors 4
Infinite Lives: Short Tales of Longevity Various Authors 5
Joe Coffin, Season One Ken Preston 5
Misquoting Jesus Bart D. Ehrman 4
Peaks of Power: God Hand Paul Campbell, Jr. 2.5
Red Sammy Hagar 3
Sentinel Demon Assassin L. D. Nash 3.5
Shadow of Doubt S.L. Beaumont 4.5
Skid – The First Chronicle Keith Fenwick 4
So Anyway John Cleese 4
Tales from the Land of Whence Art Weil 5
Thanks a lot Mr. Kibblewhite Roger Daltrey 4
The 13: Mission’s End Book One M. M. Perry 4
The Corona Book of Ghost Stories Various Authors 4
The Grammarian’s Grimoire E. E. King 5
The Historian Elizabeth Kostova 4
The Hollywood Portal E. E. King 5
The Phantasmagorical Promenade Various Authors 4
The Pharaoh’s Curse C. J. Boomer 4
The Truth of Fiction E. E. King 5
The Untold Tale J. M. Frey 5
The Wishnik Kurt Newton 3
Thran Book I: The Birth Brian McLaughlin 3
Three: A Tale of the Bookseller’s Children Devan Balsam 4
To Mars and Other Short Stories Hana Aianhanma 3
White Oaks Jill Hand 5
Wolf Hall Hilary Mantel 4
Wolf’s Search Jane Lindskold 5
Zeus Is Undead Michael G. Munz 5