Chasing Eleven

Chasing Eleven is a multi-genre collection of short stories by award-winning author Dan M. Kalin.

Stories Include:

    • Witch Simona thinks the president might be under an evil curse
    • Virgie can’t understand why doors are being closed in her face
    • People in the family die, after taking a road trip with Auntie Lu
    • Timothy has a frustrating life only cake can improve
    • Dave wants to visit long-lost cousins but receives strange signals
    • Lucas wants nothing more than to be a long-haul trucker (and serial killer) until a higher calling beckons
    • Even sorcerer Silver needs to settle into a new home
    • Frustrated author Leo searches for new ways to market his books
    • Brian finds new ways to finance elective surgical procedures
    • Linguist Annie Richardson discovers a puzzling artifact within all human minds
    • Breakfast and a tall tale with one of the last Oklahoma dust bowl refugees

Dan M. Kalin remains an author, recovering engineer/Mensan, inventor, and occasionally-retired management consultant living large in Melbourne, Florida.

Can also be ordered through any local bookseller.