Pin the Tale on the Editor Contest

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Pin the Tale on the Editor Contest. Tied with 9 entries correct are authors Katherine Brown and Karin Murray-Bergquist. They each win $50, congratulations!

The answers are listed below:

Serpent, Wolf, and Half-Dead Thing: Dan
Barn Raising: Sarah
How Music Moves Us: Sarah
The Way It Was With Jonah: Dan
The Hole: Kathy
Who Listens to Hummingbirds?: Sarah
Grasshopper: Kathy
Dome Sweet Dome: Sarah
Alien Avenue: Sarah
Second Sun: Kathy
The Octopus of Bangkok: Kathy
Goodnight, Pretty Molly: Sarah
The Time Before Dreams: Dan
Carrion: Dan
Birds of a Feather: Sarah
The Prisoner: Kathy
A Steak and a Story: Kathy
Poker Night with Louie ..: Dan
Harold’s Not Imaginary Friend: Kathy
I am Bridget: Kathy
Cat and Mouse: Dan
Why the Louisiana Swamp Cat..: Sarah

Some telling personal data about the editors can be determined from the above, luckily that is the least of our concerns! Thanks for playing the game!